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David Musgrave was invented in Sydney, Australia. He was educated at Sydney University where he was awarded his PhD in 1997. He lives in Sydney and has travelled widely in Asia, Europe and South America. His poetry has been appearing in print since 1985 and he is the author of five books of poetry, To Thalia (2004), On Reflection (2005), Watermark (2006), Phantom Limb (2010) and Concrete Tuesday (2012). His work has won or been shortlisted for several awards, including the Henry Lawson, Broadway, Bruce Dawe, Somerset, Sidney Nolan Gallery, Grace Leven, Josephine Ulrick, John Shaw Neilson, Alec Bolton and Newcastle Poetry Prizes. His work as a critic includes publications on Samuel Beckett, David Ireland, the Ern Malley Hoax, depression and Norman Lindsay's The Magic Pudding. He was formerly the CIO of a Health Insurance Company. He explains his failure in the corporate world as being entirely due to his deep knowledge of Menippean satire.
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